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Canada is located in the continent of North America, it is the second largest nation in the world. Canada share land borders with only one country, United state of America to the south, which is world's largest land border. It touches three oceans- The Atlantic ocean to the east, the Pacific oceans to the west, and Arctic Ocean to the North. It contains ten provinces and three territories. It has more Lakes than the rest of world combined. It contains magical coasts, majestic mountains, wild rivers, Untrod forests untouched lakes. Canada is a parliamentary democratic country, which means the government has three parts: federal, provincial and municipal. Federal government is headed by the prime minister, provincial government headed by premiers, municipal government are led by mayors. Canada is multicultural country. Different cultures are followed by the different people living in Canada. But each one has equal rights, opportunity to succeed, equal duties toward nation. Hockey is the major part of Canadian sport and Culture, and is played in every city and small town across the country. Lacrosse is the official sport of Canada. Vancouver ranks first with the top five countries in the world. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada.  Toronto is Canada's center of business and Commerce is Canada's largest city with a population. Canada has second largest economy in the world.

Study in Canada

Study in Canada should be first priority for those who want to pursue a academic education in field of interest and professions. Canada is home for some of top universities in the world. 26 Canadian institutions are counted amongst the world's best institute. Many of Canada's universities are well known for promoting a global outlook through enrolling international students. It offers cheap cost of study as compared with some other countries. Study in Canada provides students a unique opportunity to undertake practical learning. There are significant numbers of scholarship opportunities for international students. The amount and type of award varies from one institution to another. It has amazing environment with clean and safe campuses and cities. Outside the class international students can participate in activities to learn about and enjoy Canadian culture. Students enjoy the high quality life style here.

Students enrolled in a Canadian university aged between 18- 25 will benefit from discounts when purchasing the monthly transport pass. Canada has plenty of programs that support students financially during their studies.

Undergraduate degrees in Canada can take either three or four years to complete, depending on the University. Postgraduate degrees last between one and three years to complete depending upon type of degree. Different types of higher education providers in Canada include: Community colleges; technical, applied arts or applied science schools; or universities.

Colleges in Canada

Colleges of Canada have always placed great significance on healthy living environment and multicultural diversity. Canadian colleges counted as the top education performers in world. Lots of colleges have worldwide ranking. Lots of institutions in Canada offer wide range of degree and diploma course. These colleges are well known for its excellence and quality of education. International students can often work while they study and take advantage of many cooperative education and internship opportunities. Largely, the educational institutions offering post senior secondary courses can be divided into four categories: Technical and Career Colleges, Community Colleges, University Colleges.

Universities in Canada

Just as the country is diverse in terms of culture, race and religion, the education system also thrives on diversity opportunities for study. While maintaining high quality both in knowledge creation and dissemination, Canadian education system offers study opportunities ranging from short term courses of a few months to doctoral level education. Though individual states have jurisdictions over education in their own territories, the country as a whole has national commitment towards quality of education, and institutions get generous federal funding. Canada today is home to several world class universities with the University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, McGill and McMaster ranked in the top 150 universities in the world.

Students can pick from any of these types of institutions to pursue the programs of their choices, which range from post senior secondary certificates to diploma and from Bachelor’s degree to doctorate. Students also have the choice to opt from urban and semi urban campuses depending on personal preference. The universities and local students generally are very welcoming towards international students as it is the international student community that contributes to the vibrancy of the society and evolution of an innovative system in the country. International students integrate into the local culture through participation in different clubs and societies and at times through part time work.

Living in Canada

Canada is consistently ranked as one of the top countries in the world in terms of quality of life. Apart from high per capita income; Canada has impressive rankings in many parameters of social developments such as access to primary and higher education, healthcare, infrastructure and physical environment. Canada is known for wide availability of cultural activities such as live theatre, dance and music performance, art galleries, museums, etc. Canada is one of the greenest countries, not just in terms of the forest cover but also in terms of the awareness and attitude of the people towards the environmental cause. The average Canadian values protection of the natural environment fairly well. There are over 40 national parks and several UNESCO World Heritage sites spread over different provinces. The country offers a soothing environment full of forest covers, natural lakes, mountains and green pastures.

Canada is known for its peaceful social environment and safety of the citizens. Another major attraction for students to study in Canada is the fact that Canada today is taking great leaps forward in the realm of technology, a field where the expertise of International students is well recognized. Scientists, engineers and innovators in both academia and industry perform cutting edge technology to make Canada a knowledge based society. Indians have contributed to evolution both in terms of research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Professionals with Canadian qualifications get distinctive advantage while seeking skill based immigration. Thus, moving to Canada for higher education is a wise decision for your career and life! We offer a creative, international work environment with a flat hierarchy and a strong focus on personal growth. We take fun very seriously and value flexibility. At Study Portals we recognize that great accomplishments result from the balance between hard work and the possibility to unwind and relax. As such, we offer free monthly massages, fun games and activities, as well as frequent memorable team events. Study Portals is always on the look-out for bright new talent. Instead of solely focusing on formal degrees and previous accomplishments, we are looking for people who recognize our company values and have a passion for what we do.


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