Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of www.oeccglobaleducation.com




Any form of information uploaded or registered on the official page including telephone/contact numbers can/shall be used by oeccglobaleducation.com to make follow up calls in respect to customer interest/query in OECC products/services. Those follow up calls, promotions and marketing attempts made by OECC in respect to products/services, shall be regarded as SOLICITED CALLS and Would Be Exempted from any “DO NOT CALL Requests’ that may have been placed at any time against the said telephone/contact numbers. If any telephone numbers given to OECC through references and if anyone claims on such number then the request can be forwarded to OECC to permanently delete the uploaded number of such recipient(s).


1.     Acceptance The usage of oeccglobaleducation.com Terms and Conditions


Customer(s) access to and usage of www.oeccglobaleducation.com is a subject to exclusive terms and conditions. You as a visitor or customer not entitle to use the official website of OECC for any unlawful activity which offense the image of the brand. You can collect the website information for knowledge purpose only. If you don’t agree with the mentioned terms and conditions, then you must leave the website immediately.


2.      Credit card details & PRIVACY POLICY


How do we secure customer information ?


The payment information which is provided by the customer(s) is carried through over a protective network. The payment concern information is SSL encrypted. This encourages the credit card and relevant information unreadable as it is spread over the internet.


In which form customer information is processed?

All credit card/debit cards are being adapted by a third party payment gateway service provider, ICICI Bank which is safe/secure and a branded name around the globe. We, as merchants do not collect any information in respect to your credit/debit cards. Only the information which is received by us (merchants) is fundamentally, your name, e-mail address and mailing address. This information is the only one which is required by us to fulfill your requirement.




Any contents of www.oeccglobaleducation.com official website do not give advice and should never depend upon in making of any decisions all substantial contained on www.oeccglobaleducation.com is offered without any or warranty of any type. You use any substantial on www.oeccglobaleducation.com at your own vigilance.



www.oeccglobaleducation.com holds the right to:-

4.1       Remove or change (temporarily or permanently) the website or any proportion of it without consideration and you affirm that www.oeccglobaleducation.com shall not be responsible to you for any such change or removal and.

4.2       Change these terms and conditions at any point of time, and your continuous usage of the website following any changes shall be assume to be your acknowledgement of such switch


5.     Links to Third party Websites

www.oeccglobaleducation.com website is entitled to add links to third party websites that are controlled and cared/maintained by others. Any sort of links to other websites are not advertisement of such websites and you acknowledge and agree that we are not bound for the content or availability of any such sites.




6.1            All copyright, trademarks and all other highbrow property rights in the website and its content (including without limitation the website design, text, graphics and all software and sources codes connected with the website) are inherited by or licensed to www.oeccglobaleducation.com or otherwise used by www.oeccglobaleducation.com as authorized by law.

6.2            By accessing the website, you are agree to the point that you will access the content for sole purpose and not for non-commercial use. Neither of the content may be downloaded, copied, reproduced, transmitted, stored sold or distributed without the earlier written concern of the copyright holder. This prohibits the downloading, copying and /or printing of pages of the website for sole, non-commercial home use only.




7.1 All over this website you may see some links that belongs to third party websites. The accessing of a link to such website does not mean in any way that we promote or advertise that specific website, if you visit any website via that link than solely you are responsible for the outcome.

.2 Any party agrees to link to this website is entitled to do so, but be aware that following conditions are beheld:-

(a) You are not supposed to believe/agree that we are advertising the products or services of another party until unless it has been done with us in writing;

b) You do not misstate your relationship with this website; and

(c) any outer website through which you link this website must not contain offensive or otherwise controversial contents or content that offense any property rights or other rights of a third party.


7.3 In terms of linking this website and in breach of our terms, you shall reimburse us for any sort of loss or damage suffered to this website as a result of such linking.




8.1 Website is based on such information that has nothing to do with any legal or unlawful activity and comes with non-warranty.

8.2 Binding by the law www.oeccglobaleducation.com will not be responsible in any mean for any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever (include with loss of business, opportunity, important data, profits) coming out or in connection with the use of the website.


8.3 www.oeccglobaleducation.com gives no warranty that the smooth functionality of the website will be provided error or uninterrupted free, that any form of website contents or services are virus free.


8.4 Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be considered as the liability of www.oeccglobaleducation.com for death or sole injury as a result of the failure of www.oeccglobaleducation.com or that of its employees or agents.


8.5 Information gathered, includes name, phone number, email, address and postal address, credit card/debit card number, serial number will only be used for the purpose of handling related to OECC and will be evaluated in confidence and not be disclosed to any other party and should not mislead. 




You comply to compensate and hold www.oeccglobaleducation.com and its employees and agents harmless from and against all liabilities, legal fees, and damages of any sort, costs and other expenses in respect to any claims or actions bring opposite to www.oeccglobaleducation.com coming out of any breach by you of these terms and conditions or other liabilities coming out of your usage of this website.




 If any of these terms and conditions should be end or consider as a unlawful then it can be honor by any court of competent jurisdiction and those terms and conditions which are left unattained shall remain in full force and effective and shall continue to be binding and enforceable.






If you discontinue these conditions of use and we step no action, we will still be in power to use our rights and remedies in any sort of other situation where you break these conditions of use.



These terms and conditions shall be commanded by and formed in accordance with the law of India and you hereby submit to sole jurisdiction of the India courts.



For entire products that are brought and / or paid for on this official website, the below policy shall be applied in respect to refund of the fee that you pay from your pocket for the product/service. This refund policy is applied ONLY for products/services bought online on www.oeccglobaleducation.com and NOT for any sort of classroom programs or equivalence courses or exams series or web-based products for which the fee has been construct at any OECC office.


You are entitled for a refund of any fees paid you subject to the below:-


For Products/Services which demands us to dispatch course ware to you, communication of your agreed eager to eliminate your subscription must arrive us prior the first set of course ware is dispatched from our end.


For products/services that solely offer on-line access, communication of your bound to cancel must arrive us prior your first use of or access to the mentioned product/service.


In all cases where you make a refund request, the request has to come to us in either one of the two forms given below:


·         In the shape of an email sent from your end from the same email address which was submitted by you at the very time of registration for the chosen product/service.




·         In the shape of a letter initial by you to arrive at our registered office at SCO 41,5th Floor, Above Tanishq Showroom, Bhai Wala Chowk,, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001 By registered post.


If your refund request found liable and satisfy the above terms and conditions, the amount shall be refunded after the deduction of administrative charge of Rs. 500/- or 10% of the entire order value, whichever is higher.


If any amount which is originally paid for the product/service by you through the medium of credit card, the refund amount shall be debited to the same credit card account that was bring into practice at the time of original purchase.


If you have chosen the mode of payment through demand draft or a payable at par cheque , then the refund amount would be sent to you in the same form of a demand draft or a payable at par cheque made in the name of the person/address which was registered at the time of procuring the product/service from us.


If any communication is acquired by us beyond the first set of material/counseling has been consign (for products/services that wish us to consign material to you) or if you have gain any part of the services on-line (for products/services that only offer on-line access), no refund would be allowed.


All communication in this respect should be addressed to accounts@oeccglobaleducation.com  the processing in general takes five working days and the amounts will be delivered within 30 days afterwards.